Personality assessments help us align our goals both personally and professionally.  They also provide us a more detailed insight into our own personality type and behaviour, and how to better interact with others.

There are a handful of different personality tests out there and you might already be familiar with some of them.  Previously we discussed the difference between MBTI and DISC.  This article will help you as you make transitions in your career or you are thinking about the next job.

My partner, #1 Communication Guru in the world, Dr. Tony Alessandra; a prolific author of over 40 books including the best seller The Platinum Rule weighs in.

TTI Success Insights provides a very solid, sound, and straight-forward report with unique information for each respondent based on their specific behavioral style. A helpful and readable product, the report is unique to each user and provides a great deal of information on the individual behavioral style, as well as graphs, visuals, and thorough explanations of the DISC elements measured.

Whereas the DISC and more specifically LP Assessments powered by Assessments24x7, provides the same solid and sound information, with the primary distinction in the addition of many pages of coaching, DISC background and theory, as well as personal strategy that the reader can use to not only understand their own style, but also to understand and interact in successful ways with other styles. This provides a report basis that creates a fundamental difference when a client asks, “What can I do now with all of this information?”

TTI Success Insights and LP Assessments DISC Share Consistencies and Variations.


  1. Very sound research
  2. Written in readable, engaging style of prose
  3. Reliable company, known to the field since the mid-1980s
  4. Natural and adapted style graph, presented with four colors
  5. Includes General Characteristics, Strengths, Communication Tips, Perceptions, Ideal Work Environment, Motivations, Areas of Improvement
  6. Descriptive intensity index with highlighted areas of applicable traits
  7. DISC wheel presentation


  • Report length/arrangement of TTI Success Insights:
    24 pages, arranged thematically around topics describing the respondent’s results
    bullet-point lists of 10-14 items ( comprehensive, thorough statements sets)
  • Report length/arrangement of Assessments 24×7 DISC:
    38 pages, arranged in three parts:
    I – Understanding DISC,
    II – Understanding Yourself, and
    III – Understanding Others and Adaptability, in brief bullet lists of 5-7 items (short, memorable statement sets)
  • Application and Adaptability tools and resources TTI Success Insights:
    Not included in the TTI Success report
  • Application and Adaptability tools and resources DISC Assessments 24×7:
    12 Integrated DISC Style Relationships
    Application of DISC Styles
    A Deeper look at the four styles
    Recognizing Another Persons Style
    Behavioral Adaptability
    Modifying your Directness/Openness, Pace/Priority
    Tensions Among the Styles
    Adapting to Situations- work, sales & service, social settings, learning settings
    Adaptability practice and application’

Remember to be great and be ALL IN all the time.


Lisa Patrick