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With Assessments24x7

White-Label your online platform and empower your customers.
Optimize hiring, boost employee productivity, and maximize performance.
Scientifically validated to explore the ‘whole person.’

Assessments Completed  
through the platform by these re-sellers:


LEVERAGE your network. Create MORE Passive Residual Income INSTANTLY ONLINE for FREE.


Add MORE value to those learning from you and MORE opportunities to collaborate with stakeholders and generate MORE revenue.


Assessments add value to your client engagements and are an acquisition tool to find MORE clients and make MORE money. CUSTOMiZED FOR FREE to your brand. The most affordable with instant online access.


QUICKEN the recruiting process with the FASTEST, most robust and prompt customized reporting platform with the LARGEST CATALOGUE of assessments on the planet.


Take the GUESS WORK out of the greatest business variable of them all: YOUR HUMAN Capital. Unlock people potential and reduce business risk.


The Assessment Standards Institute (ASI) reports the overwhelming majority of assessments sold today lack the studies & reporting to verify their accuracy and fairness.

Our assessments are leading by example with independent validation meeting APA, EEOC, AREA, and NCME standards. Our goal is to ensure the trust of both our members and end-users alike are provided the most accurate and reliable assessments available on the market.


Construct validity is one of the most central concepts in psychology. It is the degree to which a test measures what it claims, or purports to be measuring. 


Cronbach’s alpha (APA Standards) regarded as one of the most robust measures of reliability and presents the highest ‘bar’ from which to compare. 


Disparate Impact (EEOC Standards) Other tools on the market can violate the EEOC Guidelines if they disproportionately exclude people in a protected group by class, race, sex, or another covered basis.

Lisa and her team don't just set up the custom technology, they've worked with us to make sure we also have the right strategies to get us the desired results.
Jonathan Robb
VP Disruption, NorQuest College

100+ Assessments Catalogue

Includes these 5 CORE Assessments and MORE...

Each of the five Core Assessments offers a unique assessment instrument, with its own set of reports, validity studies, coaching materials, workshop materials, certification training, and more. Whether you want to develop more self-aware leaders, assemble top-performing teams, improve sales and service results, enhance training initiatives, or select top-performing employees, the Core Assessments provide the foundation for dependable human performance answers.


HOW a person behaves. The four primary behavioral tendencies and emotions.


WHY do they behave that way. Motivators are the reasons we want to act.


WHAT ARE their critical thinking, judgment and decision-making abilities.


UNDERSTAND the correlation between the way they apply their current EIQ and the outcome of their interactions with others.


IDENTIFY each individual’s best means for learning and retaining new information.



The Kids DISC assessment is an opportunity for children to learn more about themselves! Inside the report, kids, and the adults around them, will discover how special and unique they are. Each child’s bird style is their superpower, and the Kids DISC assessment by Assessments 24×7 helps them find and surpass their potential.

Our Story

Dr. Tony Alessandra is the founder of Assessments24x7. The world’s most trusted assessment technology platform, serving over 7,039,810 assessments within their platform.

Lisa joined forces with the Assessments24x7 team as a Master Distributor offering assessment opportunities in Canada and the United States.

Tony and Lisa have been long time colleagues and friends. They are working together to re-design and grow the ‘business of assessments’ in North America. 

Their mission is to become the most robust assessment dashboard in the world.

Dr. Tony Alessandra and Lisa Patrick

LISA PATRICK. Successful serial entrepreneur, business strategist, and powerhouse connector.

DR. TONY ALESSANDRA. #1 Communication expert, prolific author, founder of Assessments24x7 and The Platinum Rule®

The Platinum Rule®

‘Treat others how they would like to be treated.’

– Dr. Tony Alessandra

Assessments 24x7 powers millions of assessments globally.

7,039,810 +



Access a robust assessment certification programs, designed specifically for coaches, consultants and trainers to take their businesses to the next level.

Whether independent facilitators, corporate trainers, coaches or consultants, Certified Practitioners offer unique expertise and perspective, receive higher contracts and salaries, rate stronger when interacting with others, and succeed in attracting more clients and referrals. Not only does certification training differentiate our clients, each of our assessment certifications are recognized for continuing education (CE) credits with SHRM, HRCI, ATD and ICF.

Lisa recognized the missing structure in my coaching business and provided me a turn-key offering. Within 30 days I went from not offering any assessments at MONSTER PRODUCERS to a completely operational new division, including a website and sales team training. I have been making money ever since. Well worth the investment.
monster assessments
Coach Micheal Burt
Micheal Burt Enterprises |

Account Plus and The App

Members can immediately begin managing their entire assessment practice, from their smartphones, on-the-go.
Everything you’ve come to love about the assessments business and the when required a white-label assessment dashboard is now available in the palm of your hand.


Open the app with a tap!


Enter your user name and password for immediate access to your dashbaord.

At your fingertips

Administer assessments, manage links, invites, retrieve reports and os much more.


Account management with real-time alerts.

Some of Our Clients

Empowering Our Partners By Providing Assessments to Their Clients



It’s very simple with the DISC Profiler Deck to practice the Platinum Rule, ‘Treat others how they’d like to be treated.’

The trick is to determine the personality style of the other person, and then tailor your communication and your behavior to meet their needs and style.

Using the DISC Profiler Cards ( 4 Credit Card Size Cards plus your Communicate Style Guide) is a fast and simple way to learn more about who they are and more importantly, how you can communicate with them more effectively. 

assessments24x7 DISC profiler deck


DISC Profiler Deck Will Help You:

  • Amplify opportunity for connectivity and belonging
  • Reduce misunderstandings and conflict
  • Improve recruitment, on-boarding, training, sales and leadership programs
  • Build trust
  • And ultimately, your bottom line
  • Immediately identify others personality styles

Virtual Communication Made Simple and Easy

Based from the principles of DISC, these cards are an invaluable behavioral profiling system that teaches users how to identify – and use to your advantage – the predictable aspects of communication. Discover how to identify the behavioral styles of others and adapt your communication to more effectively communicate, make others feel like they belong, assemble teams, target new hires, make more sales, develop “rockstar” leaders, and much more.